General Enquiries

How do I know if the car is still available?
Please contact the seller. The Contact Number is displayed to the right of the vehicle on the vehicle page. 

Is Finance available?
Please contact the seller of the vehicle, displayed to the right of the vehicle on the vehicle page.

Where is the dealer located?
Please visit our car dealers page in order to search for dealer locations, or contact the seller directly.

How do I know if a dealership is legitimate?
All dealers and sellers have been vetted by our team, however, if you are unsure about something please email with your concerns and we will then assist you further.

Where do I find the dealer’s contact number?
The Contact Number is displayed to the right of the vehicle on the vehicle page. 

Terms & Conditions

1. Presentation

1.1. The site,, is made accessible, and possessed by, AdzOnline (hereinafter alluded to as “”, “Site”, “we”, “our”, “us” or “its”). Any reference to “ “, “we”, “our”, “us” or “its” will incorporate our workers, officers, chiefs, delegates, specialists, investors, associates, auxiliaries, holding organizations, related substances, guides, sub-contractual workers, specialist organizations and providers.

1.2. These Terms, including any archive joined by reference in this, including, yet not constrained to the Privacy Policy (all things considered, the “Terms”) apply to any Users who utilize the Services by getting to, alluding to, seeing or potentially transferring or downloading any data or material made accessible on the Website for whatever reason, and which Users will convey the definition as set out in statement 2.1.6 beneath and administers the Users’ association with

1.3. Getting to and additionally utilization of the Website after the Effective Date will mean that the User has perused, comprehends, acknowledges, and consents to be bound, and are bound, by the Terms in such User’s individual limit and additionally for and for the benefit of any substance for whom the User uses the Website. Further, the User speaks to and warrants that the User has the expert to do as such and that on account of a User being a characteristic individual, the User is a Competent Person (as characterized in the Protection of Personal Information Act, 4 of 2013, as corrected).

1.4. To the degree allowed by material law, we may change the Terms with planned impact without earlier notice to Users, and any corrections to the Terms will be noted inside such Terms and will produce results when posted on the Website, except if a later date is generally expressed in the reexamined Terms. A User’s proceeded with utilization of the Website and additionally the Services will be understood as a User’s agree to the corrected or refreshed Terms, and will be restrictive upon the Terms in power at the season of utilization. A User’s just cure, should such User not consent to these Terms, is to stop the utilization of the Website.

2. Wording

2.1. The accompanying wording applies to these Terms:

2.1.1. “Advert” will mean an advert put on the Website, which identifies with the closeout of a vehicle, setting out, entomb alia, the vehicle determinations, photos, asking value, audits and so forth;

2.1.2. “Sellers will mean an individual or element which consistently exchanges or is generally in the matter of vehicle buy and deals;

2.1.3. “Buyer” will mean either an individual acting in their sole limit, on the other hand properly approved to follow up for the benefit of someone else or substance which uses the Services as offered on the Website;

2.1.4. “Merchant” will mean either an individual acting in their sole limit, a Dealer/Group, then again an individual or element which is appropriately approved to follow up for the benefit of someone else or element who uses the Services as offered on the Website;

2.1.5. “Administrations” will mean those Services as gave to the Users through the Website as more completely set out in provision 4 underneath; and

2.1.6. “Clients” will mean the Purchaser and the Seller aggregately and “Client” will mean both of them as the setting may demonstrate.

2.2. Any utilization of the above phrasing or different words in the solitary, plural, capitalisation as well as he/she or they, are taken as compatible and in this manner as alluding to the equivalent.


3.1. Subject to, and based on a User’s acknowledgment of the Terms, stipends the User a constrained, revocable, non-transferable permit to access and utilize the Website as per the different strategies and understandings which may oversee such use and access.

4. Administrations

4.1. gives the accompanying Services to Users:

4.1.1. Venders can put an Advert relating to the clearance of a vehicle onto the Website for the expenses as set out in proviso 5 underneath for survey by forthcoming Purchasers; and

4.1.2. Arrangement of data containing news and apparatuses based on vehicle buys, surveys, financing, protection and so forth.

5. Expenses and PAYMENT

5.1. saves its rights to charge Sellers, Purchasers as well as Users for utilization of the Services every once in a while in its sole and supreme carefulness.

5.2. Installment will be affected by means of electronic subsidizes exchange, charge request or Visa through installment passages, where appropriate, gave by means of an autonomous outsider installment specialist co-op, in the watchfulness of The Purchaser is urged to counsel the sites of any outsider installment specialist co-ops to acclimate themselves with the security conventions and different strategies set up and which may apply to any exchange directed through such installment passages.

5.3. Upon installment having been prepared, the Seller will most likely post the Advert/s on the Website. This is the main way where the Advert/s might be set on to the Website. No messaged Advert/s will be acknowledged by


6.1. gives the Services as set out in provision 4 above.

6.2. Despite the fact that, by its arrangement of the Services, acquaints Purchasers or potential Purchasers with Sellers, the Users will be exclusively in charge of concurring and defining between themselves the terms and conditions identified with a closeout of a vehicle that may emerge from the arrangement of the Services.

6.3. isn’t involved with any vehicle deals, nor is it engaged with the arrangement or ultimate result of any deal, holding of stores or something like that. In like manner, will have no risk emerging in this manner. Without constraining the all inclusive statement of provision 15 beneath, Users consent to repay and hold innocuous in regard of any costs, misfortunes and additionally harms howsoever emerging, regardless of whether immediate, circuitous or noteworthy out the clearance of a vehicle as per an Advert being posted on the Website.

6.4. In specific conditions may survey, at its carefulness, the substance of any Adverts, and in such manner will not post Adverts, or may evacuate such Adverts which are regarded in its sole circumspection, not appropriate for the Website.

7. Endeavors BY THE USER

7.1. The Seller thusly affirms that it will not transfer onto the Website any Adverts that are unlawful, injurious, disparaging, hostile, explicit, foul, compromising, intrusive of protection or attention rights, comprehensive of loathe discourse, or would establish or energize a criminal offense, damage the privileges of any gathering, or offer ascent to obligation or abuse any national or universal law.

7.2. Inability to agree to this endeavor will result in the Advert either being expelled from, or not posted on the Website.

8. Beginning and TERMINATION

8.1. Subject to condition 9 underneath, these Terms initiate on the date whereupon a User first gets to the Website, and will end just upon the later of the end of the Subscription Period, Once Off Period, or User stopping their entrance to the Website.


9.1. Statements which out of need or by suggestion thus endure end of these Terms, will stay in full and impact in spite of the end in this regard.


10.1. saves the right, in its sole prudence, to handicap, evacuate or decline to show on the Website any Advert and deny the Seller all future utilization of the Website if includes, or has sensible grounds to speculate, that the Advert contains false, encroaching or deceiving data, or data not generally allowed as per these Terms.


11.1. does not have, and explicitly repudiates, any risk to a User regarding any substance, data, content, designs, pictures, sound or video, or material a Seller transfers to the Website. can’t ensure, and makes no portrayals in connection to the culmination or precision of any Advert.

11.2. makes no express, inferred or statutory portrayals, guarantees, or certifications regarding the Website or the Services, identifying with the quality, reasonableness, truth, exactness or culmination of any data or material contained or exhibited on the Website.

11.3. Without constraining the all inclusive statement of the prior, makes no guarantee that the Website will meet a User’s necessities, or that the Website will be continuous, opportune, secure, mistake free or that absconds in the Website will be revised, nor that it will be sans infection.

11.4. makes no different guarantees, express or suggested, statutory or something else, including however not restricted to guarantees of merchantability, title, readiness for a specific reason or non-encroachment.

11.5. The User concurs that, while utilizes sensible endeavors to avert click misrepresentation, a User will have no case of any nature at all against in case of any snap extortion emerging in regard of an Advert.

11.6. will not be at risk for postponements, intrusions, administration disappointments or different issues natural in the utilization of the web and electronic interchanges or different frameworks outside the sensible control of While a User may have statutory rights, the length of any such statutorily guarantees, will be constrained to the most brief time frame to the degree allowed by required law.

11.7. Subject to any express terms, makes no portrayal or guarantee with regards to the volume of potential Users getting to the Website.

11.8. Aside from any express guarantees in these Terms of Service, the Website is given on an “as seems to be” premise and utilized at the User’s own hazard.

12. Unapproved USE OF THE WEBSITE

12.1. A User may not:

12.1.1. utilize the Website for any questionable or unlawful reason, including the posting of any compromising, slanderous, disparaging, disgusting, shameful, incendiary, explicit, profane or spam material;

12.1.2. make any move that forces an outlandish or lopsidedly huge burden on the Website’s foundation, including spam or other spontaneous mass messaging procedures;

12.1.3. utilize the Website in any way that would result in a User rupturing any relevant enactment or permitting commitments (counting regarding protection) or any commitments a User may owe to outsiders;

12.1.4. misdirect or bamboozle others through any demonstration or exclusion or make a bogus portrayal about a User’s personality, including the pantomime of a genuine or invented individual or utilizing an elective character or nom de plume;

12.1.5. post content which negates a secrecy or non-revelation understanding, insider exchanging laws, or licensed innovation rights which a User isn’t approved to exchange to another gathering;

12.1.6. direct any action which bargains or ruptures another gathering’s patent rights, trademark, copyright or other protected innovation rights;

12.1.7. present any infection, worm, trojan steed, malevolent code or other program which may harm PCs or other PC based hardware to the Website or to different Users;

12.1.8. creeping, spidering or scratching of substance is restricted, but to the degree required by perceived web indexes (for example Google) for the motivations behind ordering the Website;

12.1.9. expel or adjust’s copyright sees or different methods for ID including any watermarks, as they show up on the Website.

12.2. The User comprehends and concurs that it is exclusively in charge of consistence with all laws, principles, guidelines and tax collection commitments that may apply to its utilization of the Website or the Services.


13.1. and the substance of the Website are the property of, and are ensured by South African and worldwide copyright laws. Moreover, the assemblage (which means the gathering, course of action, and get together) of all substance on the Website and additionally the Services, is the property of, except if credit is ascribed to the creator thereof, and is, in like manner, secured by South African and worldwide copyright laws.

13.2. Aside from as expressed in the Terms, none of the substance might be duplicated, recreated, disseminated, republished, downloaded, showed, posted or transmitted in any structure or using any and all means, including, yet not restricted to, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or something else, aside from as allowed by the reasonable use benefit under the South African copyright laws or without the earlier composed authorization of, and further, should such assent be given, claims its authority to pull back such assent at any stage, in its sole and supreme prudence.

13.3. Clients are explicitly precluded to “reflect” any substance, contained on the Website, on some other server except if with the earlier composed authorization of, and further, should such assent be given, claims its authority to pull back such assent at any stage, in its sole and outright carefulness.

13.4. does not allow copyright encroaching exercises and encroachment of protected innovation rights on the Website, and may, at its sole caution, expel any encroaching substance in the event that they are of the view that such substance encroaches on another’s licensed innovation rights or our own.

13.5. The Seller is conceded a constrained, revocable, and non-selective appropriate to make a hyperlink to the landing page or other pertinent page of, inasmuch as the connection does not depict, its members, or its items or administrations in a false, deceptive, censorious, or generally hostile way. A User may not utilize’s logo or other restrictive realistic or trademark as a major aspect of the connection without the express consent of, its associates or substance providers.

13.6. All trademarks and copyrights, and furthermore some other protected innovation rights, in and to any of the substance of the Website are the restrictive property of

14. Protected innovation

14.1. A User embraces not to endeavor to decode, decompile, dismantle or figure out any of the product or code containing or in any capacity making up a piece of the Website including any calculation utilized by

14.2. possesses or is authorized to utilize all protected innovation on the Website. A User may not utilize any of our protected innovation for any reason other than as might be required to utilize the Website for its expected reason.

14.3. The proprietorship in and to any protected innovation containing the Adverts and the substance thereof, will as and when posted by a User on the Website, be exchanged to, free of any charge. In such manner, the User consents to defer all ethical rights connecting thereto. Appropriately, will reserve the option to utilize, show, duplicate, change, adjust, imitate, popularize, plan subordinate works, show and distribute all such protected innovation and that content shaping all or part of the Advert, for any sensible reason.

14.4. By utilizing the Website, a User warrants that it possesses or is authorized to use and post the protected innovation rights including such Advert. This incorporates copyright in regard of any content posted, just as the privilege to utilize or show any picture or logo. The User reimburses, and consents to keep repaid, from and against any cases by outsiders emerging from a User’s Advert, including any break of protected innovation rights any outsider may bring against us, in connection to a User’s Advert.

14.5. No User may utilize or show any exchange blemishes on the Website without first acquiring the assent of the proprietor of the exchange mark. We possess the particular “” imprints, brand and logo.

14.6. Nothing on this Website makes any privilege on a User’s part (express or suggested) that would enable a User to utilize or show an exchange mark that such User does not claim and has not generally legitimately authorized, paying little respect to whether the exchange mark is right now enlisted.


15.1. The Website will be utilized altogether at a User’s own hazard.

15.2. isn’t in charge of, and the User concurs that we will have no risk in connection to, the utilization of and direct regarding the Website, the buy and closeout of any vehicles being the subject of an Advert, or some other individual’s utilization of or lead regarding the Website, in any condition.

15.3. A User repays us, and consents to keep us repaid, from and against any case, misfortune, harm, cost or cost that we may endure or cause because of or regarding a User’s ill-advised utilization of or lead regarding the Website, including any break by a User of these terms or any pertinent law or permitting necessities.

15.4. To the greatest degree allowed by law avoids all suggested portrayals and guarantees which, however for these terms, may apply in connection to a User’s utilization of the Website.

15.5. To the degree that obligation can’t be avoided by law, our most extreme risk, regardless of whether in contract, value, resolution or tort (counting carelessness), to a User will be restricted to the base sum forced by such law.

15.6. Despite anything unexpectedly in these terms, in no conditions will be obligated for any roundabout, reformatory or noteworthy misfortune or harms, loss of pay, benefits, generosity, information, contracts, utilization of cash or any misfortune or harms emerging from or in any capacity associated with intrusion of the Services of any sort, regardless of whether in delict, contract or something else.

16. Privacy

16.1. Private Information implies any archives or data made, got or got from one User by another on the other hand, together with data identifying with just as non-open data relating to’s the same old thing (counting, without constraint valuing data, any related elements, the character of Users, and any substance checked secret or sensibly understood as being classified because of its inclination) which must remain carefully classified.

16.2. A User may not reveal, request, make accessible or abuse any Confidential Information, exchange insider facts or other restrictive data that has a place with any outsider without that gathering’s earlier composed authorization, or disregarding any express or suggested obligation or authoritative right.

16.3. Where a User is lawfully required to reveal the Confidential Information, such User will educate the outsider who uncovered the Confidential Information of the prerequisite when sensibly practicable and liaise with that party before unveiling any of that gathering’s Confidential Information.

16.4. A User will tell quickly after getting to be mindful of an associated or genuine break with this commitment.

16.5. won’t reveal or make accessible to any outsider, legitimately or by implication, any User’s Confidential Information, aside from where we have the User’s consent, where the Confidential Information is as of now in the open area (through no break of these Terms), in advancement of a User’s utilization of the Services, to implement these Terms or if lawfully constrained to do as such, or as per our Privacy Policy.


18.1. Our failure to enforce any provision of these Terms shall not constitute a waiver of such provision. Further, any consent to depart from the terms of this Agreement shall be ineffective unless it is confirmed in writing and signed by us.

18.2. Any present or future enactment which works to fluctuate a commitment or right, power or cure of an individual regarding these Terms is avoided but to the degree that its rejection is restricted or rendered insufficient by law.

18.3. The rights, powers and cures gave to us in these Terms are combined with and not elite of the rights, powers or cures given by law freely of these Terms.

18.4. These Terms comprise the whole understanding, read together with the Privacy Policy. A User recognizes and concurs that it has not depended on any portrayals by us in entering this Agreement, with the exception of those contained in these Terms.

18.5. The laws of the Republic of South Africa will apply to these Terms and the Terms of Service.

18.6. Any cases, lawful continuing or case emerging regarding these Terms will be subject exclusively to the ward of the courts of the Republic of South Africa.

18.7. On the off chance that any arrangement in this is held to be unenforceable, the rest of the arrangements will stay in full power and impact.



19.1.2. Merchant: The location as gave while enlisting on the Website.

19.2. Both the Seller and may change its domicilium to some other physical location or email address by composed notice to the next with that impact. Such difference in location will be compelling 7 (Seven) days after receipt of notice of progress of domicilium.

19.3. All notification to be given as far as these Terms will:

19.3.1. be given recorded as a hard copy;

19.3.2. be conveyed or sent by email; and

19.3.3. be ventured to have been gotten on the date of conveyance.

19.4. Despite the abovementioned, any notice really gotten by the Party to whom see is tended to will be regarded to have been appropriately given and gotten, despite that such notice has not been given as per the arrangements of this provision.