Dealership Notice:

NB: Before uploading Make sure you abide to the rules of the website

Failing to do so may cause your listing not to be approved.

1. Make sure your images is no bigger than 1024 x 1024 px.
If your images are larger than this please download “Fast Image Resizer”
Install the software on your computer and drag and drop images via setting 1024×768. The new files will be saved in a “resized” folder in the original folder you selected the files from. you can use these files to upload to our website.

2. Make sure all your photos are Vertical and not Horisontal

3. You must give a Title for the vehicle.

4. You must select a Type 

5. You must enter the Mileage

6. You must select a Fuel Type & Transmission

7. You need to add at least 4 images of the vehicle.

8. The video link can only be used if you have uploaded it to a website link example:

9.  “Enter Seller’s notes” is not needed, but you can add information of the vehicle here.

10. “Price” must be added, “sale price” is not needed.